Are you seeking a Dream Team that can do more than just market your products, but touch the hearts of all Canadians?

Are you a company that truly wants to help all Canadians? 

Are you a company that has a proven track record of reaching down and helping Canada when she calls upon you to StandUp and Help?

If you can answer Yes to the above, We at Canada Unity are interested in sitting down with you to collaborate on how we may help each other. 


We have a lot to offer the right company that matches our Mission and Vision. Our Mission speaks volumes to what is on the table. When was the last time you had a chance at being on the leading edge of making Canadian History? 


We ask you to sit back and remember the first time you had that "idea" and how this felt.  When we decided to change the course of Canada and take on the biggest challenge of this century, it was no different then you. We had an "idea" that is now creating seeds all across Canada. A movement from this "idea" has been started, a desire to do more than the status quo, a passion deep inside to see a country United vs being divided is what we at Canada Unity have in our hearts. 


Join with us as we take a journey across Canada, as we reach out and find those in need, then behind the scenes with your help, together we can make dreams come true. No Canadian Left Behind. 


  • Canada Unity Community Challenge - Ending the Canadian Homeless Crisis - YES WE CAN!!!
  • Canada Unity Song and Video Contest leads to Canadas first Canada Unity Album (I can hear it now, can you?) 
  • Canada Unity Best Canadian Writer’s Contest - Leads to Canadas First Canada Unity Book 


Canada, this spring you will get to watch and participate as this story unfolds. We are building an amazing interactive social connection website that will capture a Nation being challenged daily to discard an old-school archaic diversity/division is our strength belief by Standing Up for Canadian Unity. ​

Corporate sponsors will have the option to be a part of our videos, our contests, and have their name, message and/or products on James & Sandra's Coast 2 Coast Vardo, be showcased on our website and most important to make an impact on millions of Canadians lives.

If your company would like to be part of this once in a lifetime chance to make History, please contact us so we can get in touch and make you a valuable member of our Canada Unity Dream Team.


Thank you,

Canada Unity