Mission: Our mission is to find and promote the common bonds of UNITY that our great Country shares. Our belief is that despite all the differences that we have allowed to define us, the people of Canada share a common struggle and common triumphs. As we travel across the country in our horse drawn home we intend to collect and share the stories of ALL Canadians with the belief that in sharing and connecting with others we grow stronger in UNITY not Diversity. 


Get James Bauder out of the office and out on the open Road with his Wife Sandra Collins Bauder, Dog (Oz), Parrot (Sid) being pulled by a team of Majestic Gypsy Vanner Cobs as they take to the Open Canadian Roads and partake on an Epic, Historic Journey that will take 5 Solid Years to Complete. 


We have a few Key Areas we are working on. 

  • Canada Coast2Coast Unity Drive
    • Four Horses pulling James and Sandy's "Little House of Hope" from town to town.
    • Leaving Calgary on the TransCanada Highway Route 2019 will take us all the way to Ottawa 


  • Canada Unity Web Site - Social Media Platform to track all Canada Unity Activities,
    • Also hosting a platform where Canada Businesses can sell Canadian Made Products (Each has their own linked Canada Unity group  that links to their online ordering catalog). 
    • Individual and Community groups linked to others for Social Media sharing, Pics, Vids, Events, Activities) 
    • Head Quarters for Canada Unity Challenges and Contests
      • will also be able to showcase many other Unity Events taking place all across Canada (Cancer Marathons, Bike Rallies and so forth)
    • News Letter
    • Store for Canada Unity goodies (TBD)


  • Coast2Coast "Unity in the Community" Road Show
    • 2 hour social gathering which has 1 RULE.  We all leave our Political Identity at the door and Enter as Canadians - NON Political, Hosted by James and Sandy we will share Raw, Real, Unedited, and Emotional Heartfelt Stories Live on Social Media platforms.  Could be live music, also made into a 1 hour show per day, or a weekly recap show. 
    • Topics we may discuss: 
      • How does it make you feel when you see a homeless in your community?
      • How many are a pay cheque away from filing Bankruptcy and joining the homeless?
      • Have you been a victim to bullying and what to share how this makes you feel?
      • Could be a senior, or a Vet that has a message for all Canadians to hear... Could be a child fighting to get an operation and her parents call for help, Could be a single Dad who just lost his job, lost his wife to a car accident and is desperate. Could be of an act of Local heroism…
      • We won't know what will be said, there is not script prepared. 
    • The End of the Coast2Coast Unity Show we will help Communities adapt a Canada Unity Challenge that is showcased on the Canada Unity website. Will do a quick live presentation on how to use the website platform.


Vision: We see this as a combined effort in our Country. James and I will travel across our beautiful land and are committed to meeting and sharing YOUR stories. Our belief is that people, who share their lives in a heartfelt and open way, will connect with other people. The common ground in these stories is where we hope to build a foundation of Canadian Unity.

It is time; whoever you are, whatever you’re political, religious, race or gender orientation we know that you have a story to tell that will touch someone’s heart. The struggles Canada faces aren’t limited to provinces which is why we plan to travel all the way from coast to coast. Besides utilizing all the tools of social media we intend to take your stories to the very gates of Parliament.

If you have stories of Triumph we want to hear them and share them because this is a great country. If you have a story of struggle and woe, we want to stand with you, because this is a country of compassion and care.





We are currently working hard building this website and getting all the information about James and Sandra's unity drive out to you. It will take us a little longer to collect all the media and tell you all about their story.

Once James and Sandra leave Calgary with their horse team they will be posting regular updates every day, be sure not to miss this!

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